Frontify Insight Session with Forrester Research

From Asset To Value: The New Brand Journey

Join Forrester’s Principal Analyst of Brand Strategy, Dipanjan Chatterjee, and Frontify’s CEO Roger Dudler, to discuss how communication and interaction can power how your brand’s experienced – and the vital role the entire organization plays in building brand equity.


A brand has significant inherent value, but realizing it requires a mindset shift – from asset-thinking to equity-thinking. A big part of that includes looking at brand with an outside-in perception; something that’s shaped by every touchpoint and brand experience.

In this insight session, we’ll explore the power of experience – both through communication, and interaction – in creating brand value. Value that’s best built by the entirety of an organization.

Learn how to:

  • Switch from digital asset-thinking to brand equity building.

  • Connect brand, customer, and employee experience.

  • Apply best practices sourced by a Forrester study including over 150 companies.


Meet the Speakers


Roger Dudler 
CEO + Founder, Frontify
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Dipanjan Chatterjee

VP, Principal Analyst of Brand Strategy, Forrester
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